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We Go Green


We manufacture our products using only recycled materials. Our philosophy and processing include recycling and green initiatives. Our sheet manufacturer has developed a culture of environmental stewardship that we report in our workshop.


The coating applied (7 layers of "varnish") on the substrates contains no lead, other heavy metals or phthalates. This coating is a thin, highly durable film that is cured by an energy-efficient process, which reduces the facility's emissions.
Contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) when sublimated.


  • An environmentally friendly installation that uses a low energy consumption process for curing the coating.
  • Active recycling program in place.
  • Low-energy light bulbs are in place.
  • An efficiency program has been put in place to disconnect or shut down any equipment that is not required when possible.
  • Plastic drinking water bottles and aluminum cans are recycled. Aluminium and steel are recycled on site as well as all plain paper. 
  • REACH Information (Europe): Formally used articles do not have chemical emissions to take into account in REACH. From now on, products are exempt from REACH.


Made from post-consumer recycled aluminum.
Certified Green Circle.            
The material can be recycled.

Our aluminum supplier is GreenCircle certified: GreenCircle certifies product environmental claims to prevent unfair or misleading claims in the marketplace; our aluminum supplier has been audited by a third-party organization to confirm its recyclable claims.

The aluminium used is made from recycled materials before and after consumption and is recyclable. This is important because the materials are diverted from the waste stream by the recycling infrastructure and can be used for other products.


✅Recycle the entire box.
✅Recycle all steel strapping.
✅Recycle all used steel, copper wire and aluminum from our maintenance activities/projects.
✅Recycle all aluminum scrap.
✅Recycle all paper products in the office.
✅Recycle all used oil from maintenance.
✅Recycle all water bottles and aluminum cans that are placed in the appropriate containers.

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